About Karen Negiar & DKN financial

Karen Negiar

US/France tax advisor and financial planner, CPA

Karen has lived and worked in France for over 25 years. Her career has included working for KPMG, Arthur Anderson, and JP Morgan bank in Paris. She has worked since 2009 as an independent tax consultant in Paris doing a wide range of US and French tax preparation and advisory work. Karen has also been active as a volunteer, most notably serving for 8 years on the Board of the American Section of the Lycée International in St. Germain en Laye.

KAREN NEGIAR is a US Certified Public Accountant and a French Commissaire aux Comptes.


Master in wealth management

Masters degree in wealth management from the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Paris (ESCP-Europe).

Master in international wealth management

Masters degree in international wealth management from l’Université d’Auvergne (AUREP).

BA in international economics

Bachelors degree in international economics from Georgetown University.



Member of AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), personal financial planning and tax sections.


Member of ANACOFI (French professional association of financial advisors)

About DKN financial

DKN Financial was created by Karen Negiar who is the managing partner.

DKN Financial is an independently owned company providing US/French financial planning for individuals, including tax advice, preparation, and assistance for both France and the US.
We specialize in the analysis of US and French savings and investment products, as well as retirement, gift, and inheritance issues. We also analyze the French and US tax consequences of real property investments.

Our clients include :
  • US citizens and dual nationals resident in France.
  • US residents with French real estate and financial investments.
  • French and other European residents with a US tax filing requirement.
  • Other English-speaking French residents who need assistance with their French taxes.