French Taxes

French income tax declaration

All French residents must file an income tax declaration reporting their worldwide income in France. The declaration must also include information on bank accounts and life insurance contracts outside of France. Non-residents must file an income tax declaration for their French income.

DKN can assist you in preparing your French income tax declaration, particularly for the reporting of US and other foreign source income according to bilateral treaties to avoid double taxation. DKN also provides French tax advice to newly arrived residents, and to non-residents with French income to report.

French wealth tax declaration

French residents have a wealth tax reporting obligation if the value of their worldwide net assets exceeds €1.3M. Non-residents have a wealth tax reporting requirement if the net value of their French assets exceeds €1.3M.

French rental real estate structuring

French rental real estate is subject to income taxation in France whether you own property directly or via an entity. Numerous legal constraints and reporting obligations apply. Launching your business without understanding applicable laws can be costly.

DKN can advise you on how to set up your French rental real estate activities in compliance with French tax laws. We coordinate with other professionals to tailor a solution to your needs.