Us Taxes

US federal tax return

US citizens living abroad have the same tax filing requirements as in the United States, and even more. They are expected to be compliant with a wide-ranging and ever-increasing body of US tax laws. Non-resident aliens can also have a US filing requirement depending on their US income and situation.

DKN provides income tax preparation assistance and advice. We calculate estimated tax payments, file necessary extension forms for you, keep you updated on important changes, and answer your tax-related questions.

Statement of foreign financial assets

US persons with foreign financial assets in excess of specific amounts, depending on filing status and residency, must include the statement of foreign financial assets (form 8938) as part of their US tax return.

DKN is especially experienced in analyzing your French and other foreign investments to identify the appropriate US tax treatment, including form 8938, statement of foreign financial assets.

US state income tax return

If you have business or rental income in a particular US State, you may have a State income tax filing requirement.

DKN provides State income tax preparation and advice.

US gift tax return

US citizens can give up to $14,000 per person per year without needing to file a gift tax return; beyond that amount and for all gifts of future interests, a US gift tax return must be filed.

DKN can prepare your US gift tax return and advise you on how to plan gifts taking into account the tax rules of both the United States and France as appropriate.

Report of foreign gifts and bequests

A US citizen who receives a gift or bequest from a foreign person (or related persons) in excess of $100,000, must file an informational return with the IRS.

DKN can assist you in describing and reporting the value of your foreign gift or bequest according to US rules, particularly for complex assets such as remainder interests and usufruct.

Report of foreign bank accounts

US citizens with bank and securities account balances outside the United States totalling more than $10,000 at any time in a given year, must file an annual report; the due date is June 30th the following year.

DKN can prepare your report of foreign bank accounts and advise you on what needs to be included and how to report the information.